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Since the advent of Pinterest, and several similar web sites and phone apps, everyone is into DIY projects, included but not limited to home improvements. All the tutorials, web videos, and instructions for DIY projects range from things simple enough for a toddler to be able to do to projects that should come with the warning “do not try this at home unless you are a professional”. Before you run out to the craft store, you may also want to think about purchasing a miter saw for your DIY projects. Miter saws are very versatile and adapt to lots of projects, since miter saws are able to make cuts at a wide variety of angles. Miter saws come equipped with a pivoting swing arm that comes with a blade attached, so that it can produce angled cuts. While there are several different types of miter saws available, unless you are a professional, there are many DIY project you can complete with a basic, standard miter saw.

Let’s talk about picture frames. Everyone loves picture frames. Rather than spend a ton of time searching for the most unique frames available, then shelling out a fortune for them, have you ever thought of creating your own picture frames? Its very simple to do if you own a miter saw. All you need to get started is four pieces of wood, some nails, a miter saw, and a hammer. Simply cut the four pieces of wood at a 45 degree angle with a miter saw. Next, fit the pieces together, and nail them together. After this is done, you can either keep the wood as is, or use spray paint, glitter, or whatever decorations you desire to cover the frame. This is so much cheaper than shelling out $50 for a pre-made picture frame.

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Wood working is also a fun DIY activity. Obviously you will need a carving knife to get this project started. As long as the project is not too small, you can also use a miter saw to get really creative with your wood working project. A miter saw is also much faster than just using a carving knife.

If you have children, then I’m sure you crave some organization. Have you ever thought about building a clothing bin or a toy organizer for them? Its so easy to do if you have a miter saw available. Not to mention how much time it will save you in the long run. First you need to figure out an organizational system. With clothing, you may want to group these things into different bins: pants, shirts, dresses, socks, shoes, undergarments, etc. You can find the actual bins pretty cheap at most local stores. Once you have determined what size bins are suitable for you and your child, you are ready to go. Make sure you purchase the appropriate sized wood to accommodate the bins you have chosen. Next, use your miter saw to design a wooden frame to hold the bins. This also works for daily outfits, category of toys, or whatever else you choose to use it for.

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