The Best Floor Jack for Your Road Trip


There are lots of different types of floor jacks and choosing one can be a difficult task. Besides all the brands, models, types and the different weights they can handle you need to make sure you get the right one for the task.

Are you dealing with a car or truck? Is it a heavy vehicle or a lighter smaller sport car? These types of questions will change the kind of car jack you decide to pick up. What’s the kind of frame that you are dealing with, because aluminum bends a lot easier than steal and you need to be sure you can handle that frame.

Making an informed decision on the correct type is a lot more difficult than you think and most people don’t even think about these kinds of things and end up causing problems without even realizing it.

Most importantly you need to make sure you pick up some jack stands to go with it. While the floor jack will lift the vehicle up it is not meant to hold it in place while it gets worked on. Forgetting to get these crucial pieces of equipment can lead to serious injury or even death. That seems extreme but you must take safety precautions when dealing with a vehicle.

So what are the decisions that need to be made when choosing the right product?

The first is the kind or type of jack. Does you need a hydraulic or mechanical type of jack? Each one is designed to help lift with a magnitude of force. The point of the jack is to give you the ability life cars and trucks without the actual strain of lifting cars and trucks. In the most basic form mechanical jacks use the principal of simple machines to lift and amplify strength. The hydraulic jack uses fluid and pressure to amplify strength and move heavier objects.

Some other things to consider when picking the best floor jack are simple to consider. What is the size of the vehicle and is the jack rated to lift the weight you need? It’s not a bad idea to go over the weight you think you need as an extra precaution. If you have a sports car or low rider than how tall the floor jack is will have an impact as well. You don’t want your jack to destroy the outside frame of the car at the same time. How far up it can lift a vehicle off the ground and how quickly or efficiently should also be considered in regards to what you need done and what time frame. A car jack is a necessary tool, so when choosing an additional tool make sure you keep in mind what you need it for.

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